The first event of the 30th Anniversary season of the PWT is now LIVE on FUEL.TV and The PWT YOUTUBE Channel offers some of the most insane riding ever seen in competition. The best athletes and personalities in water sports host the first stop of the 2022 Pro Wakeboard and Pro Wakesurf Tour.  The content that was captured is amazing, listen to Parks Bonifay offer his play by play insight for both wakeboarding and wakesurfing as Cory Teunissen, Nic Rapa, Sam Brown, Sean Silveira, Camron Swanson and the rest of the top pros fight for the top of the podium. 
If you have seen any of the social content that has come from the first event, you know all of the riders and personalities were there. Alexa Score and Dano Amir worked with Parks to give you an inside look at the riders on tour. This event series was made specifically for media release so the enthusiasts around the globe could get the inside perspective on the riders and their performances. Check out the show on FUEL.TV now and on the  Pro Wakeboard YouTube channel later this week.
The event was hosted by the beautiful town of Groveland Florida on the waters of Lake David. Between the perfect water conditions and an incredible wake supplied by the black and gold Supra Boats SA 550, the performances were off the charts.
Below is the airing schedule for FUEL.TV.  If you miss it on FUEL.TV you can check out all of the content on the Pro Wakeboard Tour YouTube channel. ( ) Stay tuned to @prowakeboardtourofficial and for more information on each of the events and athletes this season.

PWT #1

Pro Wakesurf Semifinal 

Heat #1 Results

1 Camron Swanson 87.67
2 Taylor Swanson 85.00
3 Jett Lambert 81.67
4 Tyler Stewart 66.67

Heat #2 Results

1 Nick Parros 86.33
2 Beaux Wildman 84.33
3 Sean Silveira 83.33
4 Chad Carlson 82.00
5 Ashley Inloes 70.33

Pro Wakesurf Finals Results

Camron Swanson 97.33
Beaux Wildman 91.33
Taylor Swanson 72.00
Nic Parros 66.00

Pro Wakeboard 


Heat #1

Fynn Bullock86.67
Massi Piffaretti 80.00
Jaden Reichl 65.00
Pierce Anderson 58.33

Heat #2

Cory Teunissen 92.67
Tyler Higham 92.00
Kai Ditsch 78.33
Haydon Bru 68.33

Heat #3

Sam Brown 90.00
Shota Tezuka 77.67
Luca Kidd 65.00
Parker Swope 53.33

Heat #4

Guenther Oka 91.67
Jake Pelot 84.00
Ulf Ditsch 71.67
Guy Firer 51.67
Jamie Lopina 20.00

Heat #5

Nic Rapa 91.33
Thomas Herman 66.33
Noah Wildman 60.00
Mackenzie McCarthy 53.67
Tanner Higham 51.67


Heat #1

Guenther Oka 92.00
Sam Brown 90.00
Jake Pelot 85.00
Massi Piffaretti 65.00
Thomas Herman 60.00

Heat #2

Cory Teunissen 97.00
Tyler Higham 94.67
Nic Rapa 93.00
Fynn Bullock 92.00
Shota Tezuka 53.33

Pro Wakeboard Finals Results

Cory Teunissen    98.00
Nic Rapa     91.67
Guenther Oka     90.00
Sam Brown     88.33
Tyler Higham     53.33
Jake Pelot     36.67

Jr Pro Semifinals

Heat #1

Shion Takaaiwa 92.33
Daniel Johnson 83.67
Beaux Wildman 80.67
Pablo Monroy 77.67
Barrett Swope 75.00
Cody Hunnicutt 71.33


Beaux Wildman 81.67
Daniel Johnson 77.00
Pablo Monroy 50.00
Shion Takaaiwa 20.00



2022 PWT #1 FUEL.TV Show Airing Schedule- (all times are Eastern Time)

June 27- 5pm
June 27- 8pm
June 28- 12am
June 29- 3am
June 30- 6am
July 1- 9am
July 2-12pm 


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