2020 Pro Wake Tour Global Qualifier

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2020 Pro Wake Tour Global Qualifier Open to Every Rider in the World

Orlando, FL (May 18th 2020) – The Supra Boats Pro Wakeboard and Wakesurf Global Qualifier has gone digital and offers every wakeboarder and wakesurfer in the world a chance to qualify for the Tour while riding at their home lake behind their own boat. Women, men, and groms all have the opportunity to compete against the world’s top wakeboarders and wakesurfers by submitting their run online. Once submitted the runs will be judged by a panel of Pro Wake Tour judges and also by fans online.

Wonder how you stack up against the likes of Tyler Higham, Nic Rapa or Sean Silveira? Now is your chance to find out. Don’t want to compete? Great, stay tuned and help judge by scoring each of the riders in the qualifying heats and help decide who gets to compete against the top pro wakeboarders and pro wakesurfers in the world.

Devin Tatro said “We look forward to seeing athletes from around the globe enter for their shot to compete on the PWT.”

Bill McCaffray of Alliance said, “I’m excited that this year the PWT will help to expose some unknown riders from all over the world and with this new video line format and the fan vote component, this could set a new standard for how events are run and how the women can compete directly with the men.”

Just film your best 6 trick line per the rules, register on Prowakeboardtour.com or Prowakesurftour.com and submit your line. The good news, you can perfect your line as many times as it takes to get it perfect, but it must be a continuous line, no editing allowed.

All of the lines will be judged by the industry’s best judges and the top will be placed in heats and published on Prowakeboardtour.com for a fan vote. 75% of your final score will come from the top PWT Tour judges and 25% of your score will come from the public/fan vote.

Top eight (8) Wakeboarders and the top nine (9) Wakesurfers in this qualifier will move on to compete in the first online event of the 2020 Pro Wake Tour. 

Deadline for Submissions – May 21st 2020 at 5PM ET

Current 2020 PWT Athletes Qualified Through the 2019 Rankings

Current 2020 PWT Athletes Qualified Through the 2019 Rankings

Pro Wakeboard Invited Athletes

  1. Nic Rapa                                   9.    ?
  2. Cory Teunissen                        10.   ?
  3. Tony Iacconi                             11.   ? 
  4. Shota Tezuka                           12.   ? 
  5. Tyler Higham                            13.   ?
  6. Sam Brown                               14.   ?
  7. Noah Flegel                              15.   ?
  8. Harley Clifford                           16.   ?

Pro Wakesurf Invited Athletes 

  1. Sean Silveira                              7.  ?
  2. Parker Payne                             8.  ?
  3. Noah Flegel                                9.  ?
  4. ?                                                10.  ?
  5. ?                                                11.  ?
  6. ?                                                12.  ?



Riding Divisions
Pro Wakeboard
Pro Wakesurf


Any rider, male or female, any age in any part of the world is welcome to enter the PWT Qualifier.


Registration Information 
Registration for the Pro Wake Tour Digital Qualifier is open. 

Click the links below to register:



Social Media: @prowakeboardtour @supra_boats @alliancewake @prowakesurftour #prowakeboardtour #prowakesurftour #prowaketour #SupraBoatsPWT


PWT Sponsors
In addition to title sponsor Supra Boats, the Pro Wake Tour is sponsored by: Indmar,

Boatmate, PTM Edge, JL Audio, GatorStep, Ronix, Roswell, Wakeland Manufacturing, Zero Off, FATSAC Ballast Bag Company, Barefoot International, ACME, Piedmont Plastics, Apex Canvas, BH Electronics, Universal Products, Transhield, Marine Products International. 


About Skier’s Choice Inc.
Skier’s Choice, Inc. is the manufacturer of Supra and Moomba performance inboard wakeboard, wakesurf and waterski towboats. Supra has been a leader in the inboard industry since 1981. The Supra brand is synonymous with innovative styling, luxurious interiors, highest construction quality, and unsurpassed wake performance. The Moomba brand delivers quality and performance far above its class. Moomba offers the best wake performance technology and none of the fuss. The company is privately held and is based in Maryville, Tennessee. Skier’s Choice encourages all boating participants to learn and follow safe boating practices. There are risks associated with boating and water sports activities. Be mindful of the risks, familiarize yourself with the environment, know your limits and conduct yourself accordingly.


About Alliance MultiMedia 
The Pro Wakeboard Tour is powered by media partner Alliance MultiMedia; @alliancewake, alliancewake.com & Alliance Wake Magazine: wakeboarding and wakesurfing’s movement and lifestyle. Known globally as the leader in watersports media, Alliance puts our readers and viewers at the most incredible destinations and events with the world’s best athletes and sport influencers.  Check out www.alliancewake.com 


About Wakeboarding Magazine
With an emphasis on high-quality photography, in-depth interviews with top riders and reviews on all the latest gear, Wakeboarding inspires its audience with fun and relevant content, anchored by expert boat analysis, quality instruction and how-to features. Its mission is to lead, connect and inspire by enlisting the talents of the most experienced professionals in the industry across multiple media channels. For more information, visit www.wakeboardingmag.com.


For Further Information:

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