Nic Rapa wins stop #3 of the pro wakeboard tour

In what will go down as the event with the best riding of the year, Nic Rapa takes home the top spot in PWT #3, the only digital event of the series. Rapa is known for his consistency and mental strength at any live event, but the top spot on the podium had eluded him until now. With a video pass of flawless, technical moves and a huge double up, Nic Rapa is back in familiar territory. This event features digitally submitted lines and is arguably the hardest event of the season to win as every rider gets to perfect their run and only submit their best passes. All of this adds to the credibility of Rapa’s win in Stop #3 of the 2021 Pro Wakeboard Tour.


At the beginning of the year, Nic Rapa stated that he wanted to make this year a three-peat, winning the overall series for a third year in a row was clearly his goal. With this win in the third event, he has put himself solidly in the lead of the pack going into the final event in Atlanta in less than 2 weeks. Behind him, Cory Teunissen and Guenther Oka are tied for second, but both need to gain 30 points on Rapa to catch him. If anyone can do that it will it be the strength and consistency of Teunissen or the style of Oka but they would need to win and Rapa would need to place 5th or worse … not to say that isn’t possible, but a big challenge to Teunissen and Oka given the consistency that Rapa has shown throughout the years.

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