Pro Wakeboard Tour Delivers Thrilling Action and Remarkable Performances in Acworth, Georgia


Pro Wakeboard Tour Delivers Thrilling Action and Remarkable Performances in Acworth, Georgia

Acworth, Georgia – June 11, 2023 – The Pro Wakeboard Tour made its highly anticipated second stop in Acworth, Georgia on June 9 and 10, showcasing incredible talent and exhilarating competition. The event, held at Lake Allatoona, drew a passionate crowd of wakeboarding and wakesurfing enthusiasts who witnessed jaw-dropping tricks and impressive performances from top athletes in the sport.

In the Pro Wakeboarding Finals, it was Jamie Huser who emerged victorious, wowing the judges with an exceptional score of 97.67. Huser’s mastery of the water, coupled with a flawless execution of mind-bending maneuvers, secured his well-deserved first-place finish. Close behind was Jake Pelot, who displayed incredible skill and earned a solid score of 95.00, securing the second position. Sam Brown claiming the third spot with a score of 87.00.

The Pro Wakesurf Finals captivated the crowd with its stylish and dynamic performances. Taylor Swanson stood out with an impressive score of 89.00, showcasing impeccable style and finesse on the waves to claim the top spot. Beaux Wildman delivered a remarkable performance, earning a score of 84.33 and securing second place. Jett Lambert impressed with a score of 77.33, securing the third position and leaving the audience in awe of his skills.

In the Junior Pro Wakeboard Finals, Daniel Johnson displayed incredible talent and determination, earning a commendable score of 82.67 and capturing the first position. Beaux Wildman continued to impress with a score of 79.33, securing second place in this fiercely competitive category. Stefano Comollo and Noah Bollard displayed their skills and passion, earning scores of 51.67 and 45.00, respectively.

“The Acworth stop of the Pro Wakeboard Tour exceeded our expectations, with athletes delivering outstanding performances and the crowd showing up to support,” said Event Director, Chris Bischoff. “The level of talent and dedication displayed by the participants was truly remarkable, and we were thrilled to witness such incredible action on the water and to have so many passionate fans watching from shore and the flotilla.”

The Pro Wakeboard Tour continues to push the boundaries of the sport, showcasing the world’s top athletes as they compete for glory and captivate audiences with their skill, creativity, and daring stunts. With each stop on the tour, the excitement builds, and fans eagerly anticipate the next display of wakeboarding and wakesurfing excellence.

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