Pro Wakeboard Tour Showcases Top Athletes in Lenoir City, TN  for the final stop of 2023


Pro Wakeboard Tour Showcases Top Athletes in Lenoir City, TN 

Lenoir City, TN – 8/29/23 – The Pro Wakeboard Tour capped the season off with Stop #4 in Lenoir City, Tennessee, captivating audiences with heart-stopping tricks, fierce competition, and a festive atmosphere. This event, held just outside Knoxville, played host to some of the most elite athletes in wakeboarding, drawing in massive crowds on land and on water, creating an electrifying ambiance.

Event Results:

After a season marked by injuries and changes in event formats, the Pro Wakeboard Tour Lenoir City stop embraced a traditional style event that fans and athletes alike have come to love. The return to this format was met with resounding enthusiasm, as spectators enjoyed a thrilling display of athleticism and skill.

Nic Rapa emerged as the star of the show, securing the first-place position in the Pro Wakeboarding Finals with a spectacular run that earned him a score of 90.67. The competition was fierce, with Cory Teunissen closely trailing in second place with a score of 83.67. Shota Tezuka claimed the third spot with a score of 77.00. Tyler HighamJamie Huser, and Sam Brown showcased their skills and determination, securing fourth, fifth, and sixth places respectively with scores of 76.00, 64.33, and 33.33.

  1. Nic Rapa -90.67
  2. Cory Teunissen – 83.67
  3. Shota Tezuka – 77.00

Overall Tour Results:

The journey to becoming the overall tour champion involved competing in multiple tour stops, showcasing consistency and exceptional skills. Tyler Higham emerged as the standout, clinching the title of the overall tour champion for this year. His remarkable performances throughout the season solidified his position at the top of the rankings.

Jamie Huser, rookie, secured an impressive second-place finish in the overall standings, demonstrating his consistent prowess and dedication to the sport. Not far behind, Shota Tezuka claimed the third spot, showcasing his talent and determination.

  1. Tyler Higham 
  2. Jamie Huser
  3. Shota Tezuka
  4. Sam Brown
  5. Kai Ditsch 
  6. Cory Teunissen

The Pro Wakeboard Tour Lenoir City stop not only marked the grand finale of an exhilarating summer of wakeboarding but also celebrated the remarkable achievements of the athletes who poured their heart and soul into every performance. As the sun set on this season, the excitement and anticipation for the next chapter in wakeboarding’s journey continue to grow.

“We are incredibly proud of all the athletes who participated in this year’s Pro Wakeboard Tour,” said Chris Bischoff, Event Coordinator of the Pro Wakeboard Tour. “The dedication and passion they bring to the sport inspire us all.”

The Pro Wakeboard Tour remains a pivotal platform for showcasing the immense talent within the wakeboarding community and it was clear that the sport of wakeboarding continues to inspire and captivate audiences of all ages.

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